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A complete practice oriented hands-on training on

SAP ASE (Adaptive Server Enterprise) / Sybase

Learn high performance RDBMS for mission-critical projects!

Course Highlights

  A Complete Hands-on Training

  Practices & Exercises

  Taught by expert with rich experience

  Customization for companies

  30 days expert support over mail

  Flexible Schedules

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Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) is a versatile, enterprise-class high performance relational database management system (RDBMS) most suitable for mission-critical, data-intensive environments. It ensures highest operational efficiency and throughput on a broad range of platforms. ASE is used intensively in the financial world (banks, stock exchanges, insurance companies), in E-commerce, as well as in virtually every other area.

Course is designed to cover all SAP Adaptive Server Administration / DBA activities and extensive training will be provided. Training is practical oriented with good amount of hands on.

 Complete hands-on effective training with individual focus
 Flexible schedules – weekend or weekday; classroom or online or corporate
 On Demand one-one and batch training at mutually convenient schedules
 Practices and Exercises during the workshop
 Interactive approach to understand concepts thoroughly
 Speak to our coach before workshop
 Continued support over mail and lot more…
 Customized topics training for corporate…

Audience Profile:

Project team members, leads, technical managers, supervisors, architects, technologists and anyone who is interested in learning SAP ASE or Sybase DBA.


Basic knowledge on unix and SQL required before attend this course.

Course Outline

Course outline for complete full length course. Outline varies for customized courses or less duration foundation courses

Introducing Adaptive Server

 Adaptive Server Enterprise
 Adaptive Server Databases
 System Administrator Responsibilities

Installing Servers

 Loading the ASE Software
 Installing Adaptive Server
 ASE Directory Structure
 Starting and Stopping Servers

Establishing Connectivity The interfaces File

 The UNIX interfaces File
 The Windows sql.ini File
 Maintaining the interfaces File
 Introduction to LDAP Directory Services

Configuring Server Behavior

 The Configuration File
 Viewing Configuration Values
 Modifying Configuration Values
 Multiple Configuration Files

Configuring Memory

 Components of Memory
 Allocation of Memory
 Major Uses of Memory
 Estimating Initial Configuration Values

Initializing and Using Devices

 Creating and Dropping Devices
 Default Devices
 Mirroring Devices

Creating and Using Databases

 Sizing and Creating Databases
 Setting Ownership and Options
 Expanding Databases

Suggested Disk Resource Strategies

 Resource Allocation for System Databases
 Resource Allocation for User Databases
 Monitoring Space Usage

Auto Expansion

 Overview of Auto Database Expansion
 Installing Auto Expansion
 Managing Auto Expansion using sp_dbextend

Managing tempdb

 Review of System tempdb
 Installing Multiple tempdbs
 Binding to a tempdb
 Managing tempdbs – Precedence
 Troubleshooting and Recommendations

Administering System Roles and Logins

 Overview of Access
 System Roles
 Proxy Authorization

Managing Database Access and Users

 Database Owners
 Database Users
 Object Creation Permissions

Implementing Object Permissions, Groups, and Roles

 Object Permissions
 Overview of User-defined Roles
 Implementing User-defined Roles

Using Bulk Copy Utility

 Copying Definitions
 Bulk Copy Overview
 Bulk Copy Syntax

Overview of Automatic Recovery

 Overview of Automatic Recovery
 Recording Modifications
 Recovering Modifications After a Shutdown
 Recovery Order

Checking and Fixing Database Consistency

 Overview of the dbcc Commands
 Checking Page Linkage
 Checking Page Allocation
 Setting Up the dbccdb Database
 Using dbcc checkstorage

Planning for Backups

 Backup Basics
 Backup Server
 Truncating the Transaction Log
 Developing a Backup Plan

Performing a Backup

 Making Backup Servers Known to Adaptive Server
 Dumping Databases
 Loading Databases
 Dumping Transaction Logs
 Loading Transaction Logs

Practicing Advanced Backup Techniques

 Transaction Log Recovery
 Database Recovery
 Rebuilding the master Database

Sybase Central

 Sybase Central Defined
 Using Sybase Central
 Administration Tasks
 Job Scheduler
 Interactive SQL

Monitoring the System

 Monitoring Errors
 Monitoring Processes
 Monitoring Licenses
 Monitoring System Performance

Job Scheduler Configuration


What Our Clients Say

Very insightful and knowledgeable trainer. Training was above my expectation, got answer to all the questions, interactive and very useful. Concepts were explained in a detail and simple manner.

Greeshma Thummalapenta

Greeshma Thummalapenta

It’s a live training by Gopi which makes learning  an effortless drive.  His methodical approach makes the subject quite lucid to learn. He  sequences in to subtopics to clearly define the concepts which I must admit that hugely benefiting.

Krishna Mohan B

Krishna Mohan B

Gopi allows the participant to be in-charge of working around MS project while he played the role of a facilitator. This was an excellent method as the participant is attentive during the entire time of class as he or she is the one who is actually working around MS Project as per the instructions of the trainer.

Gopi is a great trainer and if someone wants to start learning a new tool from the scratch should definitely contact the trainer for enrollment.

Rajesh Wadhwani

Rajesh Wadhwani, USA

Thank you so much Gopi. You are awesome and keep going. It was nice to have training from such an experienced person.

Anil Slathia

Anil Slathia

I just want to say, “Complete professional training by a professional”. I like the training methodology and perspective view of learning.

Arun Kumar

Arun Kumar, L & T Construction

The program started from basics and covered in-depth of MS Project. The way of explanation in the training session excellent.

Varun Gupta

Varun Gupta, Granules India.

Very knowledgeable faculty with lots of patience. A BIG YES to recommend 24x7Coach for MS Project Training.

Vijaybhaskar Anupoju

Vijaybhaskar Anupoju, Manager, Dr. Reddy's

Trainer has got sound knowledge in the area project management and so the concepts of Microsoft project were well organized and neatly presented in a most interactive manner.


SAI KIRAN B V, Delta Tech
Praveen L

Though the duration is 3 days, I felt training is very well organized, exercise oriented and lot of interaction.. well done.

Praveen L

Praveen L, Zen Quality Assurance

The training program is 100% hands-on.


Srikanth, Zen Quality Assurance

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