Primavera P6 : How to GoTo successor or predecessor

Following article explains how to GoTo successor or predecessor in primavera p6.

“Hi Gopi, how are you doing?” an expected call from Nikhi. He knows my preferred time to answer calls from previous participants and informed prior.

Nikhi recently changed his job after his training on Primavera. He joined in a well-known construction company in another city.

After formal talk, Nikhi quickly got to the reason he called for. “I am planning for this huge project, which has got thousands of activities”, continued, “it is becoming difficult to handle especially when I want to look for more details of related activities. It unmanageable to use such long scroll.”

I know he was not ready to hear it, still I said “there is a simple solution, try GoTo”.
“WHAT?” I can hear confusion in his voice.

In Primavera P6, activity shows 3 tabs in bottom layout “Predecessors”, “Successors” and “Relationships”, where relationship between activities can be established. “GoTo” button available in these 3 tabs, which will help the user to select any dependent activity and go to details of that activity.

Here are steps to reproduce it.

Step 1: Create 10 sample activities – A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J
Step 2: Select one of the activity (example B) and assign few activities as successors (example D, E, F, G, H, I).

Step 3: Out of the successors listed, select one, example G
Step 4: Click on GoTo button

Step 5: Observe that selection in the top layout shifts to the activity that is selected in successor list. That is G becomes the selected activity in top layout and bottom layout displays details of G.

“Its quite simple, how did I miss it?” sounded Nikhi, I know he is happy to learn what he missed.



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