PMP Games: Crossword Puzzle – Basics – Answer

Answer for the crossword puzzle PMP Games: Crossword Puzzle – Basics on 1,2,3 chapters of PMBOK Guide 6th edition.


1: An artifact that is produced, is quantifiable, and can be either an end item in itself or a component item. Additional words for products are material and goods. [Product]
3: A document used to record and describe or denote s elected items identified during execution of a process or activity. [Log]
5: An actual condition that is different from the expected condition that is contained in the baseline plan. [Variation]
7: Comparing actual performance with planned performance, analyzing variances, assessing trends to effect process improvements, evaluating possible alternatives, and recommending appropriate corrective action as needed. [Control]
9: A documented economic feasibility study used to establish validity of the benefits of a selected component lacking sufficient definition and that is used as a basis for the authorization of further project management activities. [Business Case]
11: A systematic series of activities directed towards causing an end result such that one or more inputs will be acted upon to create one or more outputs. [Process]

2A: A management structure that standardizes the project-related governance processes and facilitates the sharing of resources, methodologies, tools, and techniques. [PMO]
2B: A limiting factor that affects the execution of a project, program, portfolio, or process. [Constraint]
5: Any unique and verifiable product, result, or capability to perform a service that is required to be produced to complete a process, phase, or project. [Deliverable]
10: Requirements imposed by a governmental body [Regulation]



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