MS Project: Showing project title as project summary task in MS Project

“Why do we need project summary task?” one of the delegate curiously asked while browsing through commands in Format tab of MS Project.

Well, Project Summary Task is top or root level task that summarize entire project. It takes 0 as its row id. It can be shown in the task list by turning the check-box ON.

“Make sense”, he replied and turned on the option. “There you go, but”, he looks confused.

“It is showing the name of the file Project-2, I would want to see project name of my choice e.g. It’s My Second Project”.

Yes, that’s what project manager may want – to have project name of user choice which may not be the name of file that is saved. Title can be set through backstage, Info=> Project Information => Advanced Properties => Summary tab => Title field.

“Let me try”, yet there is a confusion. “Oh, it is not getting changed, still showing name of the file” he proclaimed and added “Even title filed value reverted back to file name. It is not retaining new value”.

It is observed behavior, sometimes title may not be retained without reason. Solution is simple, Change the value of task name for project summary task e.g. It’s My Second Project.

“Great! It is working” lot of relaxation in his voice.



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