MS Project: Showing new calendar non-working day in gantt chart timescale

While stepping in to classroom Kamal uttered “It’s not working”, “Calendar feature is not working as expected”. As he settled down, said “Let me start my laptop and show you what I did”.

Kamal created a new calendar by making copy of standard calendar by following the instructions he learned from previous class ( Creating new calendar in MS Project) considering Monday as holiday.


Then Kamal set this calendar as project calendar through Project tab => Project Information command => Calendar drop down.

He is now pointing that though new project calendar says that Monday is holiday it is not seen in gantt chart.

He is correct. At present time scale of gantt chart shows the default details as per standard calendar.

It is very easy to apply different calendar in gantt chart.

Right click on gantt chart => Non-working time => select appropriate calendar.

Time scale shows the non-working day according to the calendar selected.


Kamal followed the instructions and patted on table with joy while saying “This is what I want”.

If you want to move or copy a calendar from one project to another, please visit our other article Copy calendar from one project to another project.

If you want to delete a calendar that is not required any more, please visit our other article Delete Calendar.



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