MS Project: Creating external dependency to link tasks of other projects

Project managers or planners may have to create external dependency for tasks in one project to link tasks of other project(s) according to the needs of the project they work.
It is very easy to create dependencies when you connected two or more sub-projects through a parent or master project.
This article will help you understand how to create external dependency of two individual projects that are not in aforementioned sub-project & master project scenario.

Create a new project ‘Project1.mpp’ with 3 simple tasks
A = 2 days
B = 3 days
C = 4 days

Create another project ‘Project2.mpp’ with 3 simple tasks
X = 5 days
Y = 6 days
Z = 7 days

Make sure both the files are in the same folder or at least accessible.
For example, you want to create dependency Finish-Start between task C of Project1 and task Y of Project2. That means you want to start task Y of Project2 after finishing task C of Project1.
Open Project2 => double click task Y to open task information dialog => Predecessors tab.

Type manually the project file name \ task row number. Example “Project1.mpp\3”, which is task C of Project1.

You can notice external link created between projects – Project1 and Project2.

Also, you can view all the external dependencies from Project tab => Links Between Projects command.

NOTE: Post updated with recent images/screenshots.




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