MS Project: Delete Calendar

“How can I delete a calendar if I don’t require?”
I hear this question many a times from professionals learning Microsoft Project.
This article will help you understand how to delete a custom calendar if not required any more.

At first, create a calendar from ‘Project’ Tab => ‘Change Working Time’ command => ‘Create New Calendar’ in a sample project ‘Project1’.
For more information on how to create a calendar you can visit our other article Creating new calendar in MS Project.

If you observe, you will not find any delete command over here to delete a calendar.
Go to Backstage => Info
Click on ‘Organizer’ that will help you organize many views, calendar, reports and many other elements between projects or global template.

Click on ‘Calendar’ tab in Organizer, and make sure your project is selected in one of the selection box.

Select your calendar to be deleted, and click on button Delete…

You will receive an alert message ‘Are you sure you want to delete “your calendar name”?’

Click on Yes button.
Make sure your calendar is no more listed in Organizer => Calendar tab for your project.

Make sure your calendar is no more listed in ‘Project’ Tab => ‘Change Working Time’ command in your project.

If you want to move or copy a calendar from one project to another, please visit our other article Copy calendar from one project to another project.



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