MS Project: How to show status date in Gantt chart in MS Project?

Couple of minutes past discussion on updating schedule in MS Project, one of the participant inquired “Could you throw some light on Status Date field?”
‘Status Date’ is available in Project tab, Status section.

Status date is the date through which PM collected status information from team members. Represent project status till that date. Date could be based on frequency PM follows to collect status information and when PM updates schedule. E.g. team members send status by end of day of Friday and PM updates schedule on Monday.

Now PM and system knows that Friday is the day to consider for reporting though PM updated on.

“Impressive”, he nodded and continued “Is there a way to make it more visible?”
In other words, he is interested to see status date in Gantt chart timescale.

MS Project 2013 provides many options that help user to keep the schedule more interactive, informative and much more interesting. Gridline, is one such option.
Gantt Chart Timescale => Right click => Gridlines
Format tab => Gridlines => Gridlines

In the wizard, user should select the line to change as ‘Status Date’, and line type & color of user choice.

Now, status date is visible as expected.

“Very interesting”, he exclaimed and proceeded to experiment with few more lines in gridlines command.




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