MS Project: Baseline, Baseline where are you? Showing multiple baselines in MS Project

While sharing his laptop screen one of my participant, Anil leaned back and commented “Nice to know about Baseline feature in MS Project”. Continued “Let me baseline schedule of this KidVentures.in case study”.
Baseline is snapshot of schedule and cost information in MS Project. It represents the accepted or approved state of project, and is used to measure and control project activities.
Anil baselined entire project through Project tab=> Set Baseline => Set Baseline. He ensured to select ‘Baseline’ in the drop down while baselining the project.

“Wait a minute”, he randomly changed the schedule and baselined project 3 more times by selecting ‘Baseline 1’, ‘Baseline 2’ and ‘Baseline 3’.

“But, how would I know what changes I made between Baselines?”
MS Project provides a view ‘Multiple Baselines Gantt’, which helps the user see more than one bar in gantt chart timescale pane. It is available in Task Tab => Gantt Chart => More Views => select ‘Multiple Baselines Gantt’ => click ‘Apply’.

“This is interesting”, immediately he added “Something wrong”.
“I could not see all my baselines”, continued saying “See I got 4 baselines in total, and I am seeing only 3 here. Where is my 4th baseline?”
Well, that is usual. MS Project by default shows first 3 baselines – ‘Baseline’, ‘Baseline 1’ and ‘Baseline 2’. If user wants to see different, then user should change the format settings to make additional baselines visible in the way user wants.
“So flexible, I will try that”, he followed the steps to format it.
Right click the timescale pane => Bar Styles.
User can see Bar Style available for ‘Baseline’, ‘Baseline 1’ and ‘Baseline 2’. User should create new bar style for ‘Baseline 3’.

Anil created new bar for ‘Baseline 3’ with settings similar to ‘Baseline 2’ with different color for bar.
“Still something wrong, I could not see it yet” sounded incomplete.
Yes, something to be corrected here. There is a column ‘Row’ in bar style setting. 3 bars best fitted in one row as per the style setting and Baseline 3 is not visible as there is already Baseline 2 occupied that place. Now user can opt to show new bar in next row.
Anil changed the ‘Row’ as 2 for ‘Baseline 3’.


“Looks good, this is all I wanted to see” he said with Joy and showed the final cut of his view that shows all 4 baselines.




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