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Course Curriculum

MSP2016: Introduction to Microsoft Project Professional 2016 FREE 00:01:00
MSP2016: Course Objectives FREE 00:03:00
MSP2016: About Trainer FREE 00:02:00
MSP2016: About Microsoft Project FREE 00:02:00
User Interface
MSP2016: Section – User Interface FREE 00:02:00
MSP2016: Using and Customizing Quick Access Toolbar 00:04:00
MSP2016: Using Tabs 00:03:00
MSP2016: Ribbon interface and customizing tabs 00:05:00
MSP2016: Working with Split View 00:03:00
MSP2016: Using Status bar 00:02:00
New Project
MSP2016: Section – New Project FREE 00:02:00
MSP2016: Creating Blank Project 00:02:00
MSP2016: Creating new from existing project 00:02:00
MSP2016: Creating new project from excel workbook 00:06:00
MSP2016: Creating new project from built-in templates 00:05:00
Project Information and Calendar
MSP2016: Section – Project Information and Calendar FREE 00:02:00
MSP2016: Setting up Project Information 00:08:00
MSP2016: Purpose of calendar and creating a new calendar 00:20:00
MSP2016: Deleting a custom calendar 00:02:00
MSP2016: Copying custom calendar to other project 00:03:00
MSP2016: Making custom calendar available to all projects 00:03:00
MSP2016: Setting Calendar in project information and Timescale 00:03:00
MSP2016: Section – View FREE 00:01:00
MSP2016: Purpose of View 00:05:00
MSP2016: Changing view – different approaches 00:04:00
MSP2016: Creating custom view 00:02:00
Task Mode
MSP2016: Section – Task Mode FREE 00:01:00
MSP2016: Understanding Task Modes – Manual and Auto Scheduled Tasks 00:05:00
MSP2016: Changing the task mode for task 00:03:00
MSP2016: Setting default mode for new tasks 00:04:00
New Task
MSP2016: Section – New Task FREE 00:01:00
MSP2016: Creating task – different approaches 00:02:00
MSP2016: Creating Milestone task 00:02:00
MSP2016: Creating Summary task 00:05:00
MSP2016: Creating Recurring task 00:04:00
MSP2016: Identifying Bar representation in timescale for different tasks 00:07:00
Task Information
MSP2016: Section – Task Information FREE 00:02:00
MSP2016: Update task details 00:04:00
MSP2016: Setting up task duration 00:03:00
MSP2016: Setting up task priority 00:03:00
MSP2016: Setting up schedule mode 00:01:00
MSP2016: Setting task as inactive 00:03:00
MSP2016: Displaying task on Timeline 00:04:00
MSP2016: Hiding the task bar in timescale 00:01:00
MSP2016: Setting Rollup in task 00:03:00
MSP2016: Adding more details in Notes Tab 00:05:00
Work Breakdown Structure
MSP2016: Section – Work Breakdown Structure FREE 00:01:00
MSP2016: Creating Work Breakdown Structure 00:07:00
MSP2016: Showing WBS Code 00:03:00
MSP2016: Customizing WBS Code 00:04:00
MSP2016: Section – Dependency FREE 00:01:00
MSP2016: Identifying purpose and types of dependencies 00:07:00
MSP2016: Creating dependencies in Microsoft project 00:08:00
MSP2016: Identify other approaches to create or edit dependency 00:06:00
MSP2016: Section – Resources FREE 00:01:00
MSP2016: Creating new resource 00:04:00
MSP2016: Types of resources 00:05:00
MSP2016: Setting up general information 00:06:00
MSP2016: Setting up cost rate table 00:05:00
Resource Assignment
MSP2016: Section – Resource Assignment FREE 00:01:00
MSP2016: Assigning & Reassigning Resources 00:05:00
MSP2016: Reviewing resource assignment 00:08:00
MSP2016: Finetuning resource allocation 00:06:00
Task Types
MSP2016: Section – Task Types FREE 00:01:00
MSP2016: Understanding Duration, Work, and Units relationship 00:02:00
MSP2016: Understanding Duration, Work, and Units relationship through formula 00:04:00
MSP2016: Understanding Duration, Work, and Units relationship through Microsoft Project 00:03:00
MSP2016: Understanding Task Types 00:02:00
MSP2016: Setting up Task Types in Microsoft Project 00:09:00
MSP2016: Understanding Effort Driven scheduling 00:05:00
Critical Path Method
MSP2016: Section – Critical Path Method FREE 00:02:00
MSP2016: Creating Network Diagram 00:06:00
MSP2016: Understanding Network Diagram View 00:10:00
MSP2016: Understanding Critical Path Method – Forward and Backward Pass 00:09:00
MSP2016: Understanding Critical Path Method – calculating Float or Slack values 00:08:00
MSP2016: Identifying Float or Slack values in MS Project 00:06:00
MSP2016: Highlighting critical path and tasks (bars) in timescale 00:02:00
MSP2016: Using Task path feature 00:04:00
Resource Leveling
MSP2016: Section – Resource Leveling FREE 00:01:00
MSP2016: Using Level Resources, Clear Leveling and Next Overallocation 00:11:00
MSP2016: Setting up important leveling options 00:13:00
Baseline Project
MSP2016: Section – Baseline Project FREE 00:02:00
MSP2016: Purpose of baseline 00:04:00
MSP2016: Create Project baseline 00:15:00
MSP2016: Limitations in MS Project Professional 00:03:00
MSP2016: Showing baseline data in Gantt Chart view 00:06:00
MSP2016: Showing multiple baselines bars 00:07:00
MSP2016: Clearing Project baseline 00:03:00
MSP2016: Identify purpose of interim plan 00:06:00
Tracking Progress
MSP2016: Section – Tracking Progress FREE 00:01:00
MSP2016: Importance of Status Date FREE 00:02:00
MSP2016: Project’s Status Calculations for Tasks 00:02:00
MSP2016: Tracking – key data points to monitor 00:02:00
MSP2016: Understanding key data points 00:10:00
MSP2016: Sample project for tracking 00:08:00
MSP2016: Tracking a project as scheduled (on track) 00:13:00
MSP2016: Tracking a task as scheduled (on track) 00:06:00
MSP2016: Using percentage complete command options 00:10:00
MSP2016: Using Update Tasks command 00:04:00
MSP2016: Using Assignment Information dialog 00:04:00
MSP2016: Using Task Usage view 00:05:00
MSP2016: Section – Reports FREE 00:01:00
MSP2016: Visual Reports 00:08:00
MSP2016: Graphical Reports 00:10:00
MSP2016: Creating new (custom) graphical report 00:05:00
Thank you
MSP2016: Thank you 00:01:00
Sample Files
MSP2016: New Project – Download Sample Files 00:00:00
MSP2016: Project Information and Calendar – Sample Files 00:00:00
MSP2016: Task Mode – Samples Files 00:00:00
MSP2016: New Task – Sample Files 00:00:00
MSP2016: Task Information – Sample Files 00:00:00
MSP2016: Work Breakdown Structure – Sample Files 00:00:00
MSP2016: Dependency – Sample Files 00:00:00
MSP2016: Resources – Sample Files 00:00:00
MSP2016: Resource Assignment – Sample Files 00:00:00
MSP2016: Task Types – Sample Files 00:00:00
MSP2016: Critical Path Method – Sample Files 00:00:00
MSP2016: Resource Leveling – Sample Files 00:00:00
MSP2016: Baseline Project – Sample Files 00:00:00
MSP2016: Tracking Progress – Sample Files 00:00:00
MSP2016: Reports – Sample Files 00:00:00
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