PMP Games: Word Find Puzzle – Forms of PM Power

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This word find puzzle is built on ‘forms of project manager power’ of 3rd chapter of PMBOK Guide 6th edition.

Playing this puzzle is easy. Simply read the clues and identify answers in the grid. Start with the clues that you know. Once you finish puzzle, visit our website to know the answers.

PMP Games - Word Find Puzzle - Forms of PM Power - 1


  • Power by refusing to participate
  • Power due to application of flattery or other common ground to win favor or cooperation
  • Power due to ability to provide arguments that move people to a desired course of action
  • Power due to ability to invoke discipline or negative consequences
  • Power due to respect or admiration others hold for the individual, credibility gained

Answers for the puzzle available here: PMP Games: Word Find Puzzle – Forms of PM Power – Answer



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