PMP Games: Crossword Puzzle – Scope Management

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This crossword puzzle covers Scope Management (5th chapter) of PMBOK Guide 6th edition.

Playing this crossword is easy. Simply read the crossword clues and fill answers into the grid. Start with the clues that you know, and then use letters and word length to fill in the rest. Once you finish puzzle, you can crosscheck with our answers in other/next post.



2: An elicitation technique that brings together pre-qualified stakeholders and subject matter experts to learn about their expectations and attitudes about a proposed product, service, or result.
4: A visual depiction of the product scope showing a business system (process, equipment, computer system, etc.), and how people and other systems (actors) interact with it.
13: The work performed to deliver a product, service, or result with the specified features and functions.
15: A technique used for dividing and subdividing the project scope and project deliverables into smaller, more manageable parts.



1: _____ is the comparison of actual or planned products, processes, and practices to those of comparable organizations to identify best practices, generate ideas for improvement, and provide a basis for measuring performance.
3: _____ Technique, A technique that enhances brainstorming with a voting process used to rank the most useful ideas for further brainstorming or for prioritization.
5: A formal or informal approach to elicit information from stakeholders by talking to them directly.
7: A method of obtaining early feedback on requirements by providing a working model of the expected product before actually building it.
9: A technique that allows large numbers of ideas to be classified into groups for review and analysis.
16: The work defined at the lowest level of the work breakdown structure for which cost and duration are estimated and managed.

Answers for the puzzle available here: PMP Games: Crossword Puzzle – Scope Management – Answer

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